VIRTUAL Zumba(r) Gold Express/Gold Chair

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There are lots of ways to get fit...some are just more fun than others! Zumba(r) Gold and Zumba(r) Gold Chair offer all the fun of Zumba(r) with modifications for participants who have limited mobility, balance/gait difficulty or who feel a traditional Zumba(r) class is not a good fit. This 30 minute class offers a unique side-by-side presentation of the two formats, so you can choose which level of modification is right for you!

With virtual classes you get to join us from the privacy of your own home while still getting a great workout and mood boost! There is a 24 hour window to view each class...start whenever it's convenient for you, and you never have to worry about being late!

Go to: to get links for each class day/time.  You can view the classes on a laptop/desktop or mobile device.  You'll need to check in for each class with Facebook, Google or an account you create for the platform. 

FREE. No registration required. Recommended for ages 11 and up. The participant assumes liability for any injuries sustained during the exercise period. Please dance responsibly.



The library makes every effort to ensure our programs can be enjoyed by all. If you have any concerns about accessibility or need to request specific accommodations, please contact the library.